The daughter of Nut and Ra, sister and wife of Set, sister of Isis and Osiris, and mother of Anubis by Osiris, a member of the Ennead. The lament which she uttered together with Isis after the death of Orisis gave them the title of the Weeping Sisters.
   While she has been overshadowed by her sister Isis, there is no doubt that she also was a great magician in her own right, and that she knew the words of power used to raise the dead; because of this she was considered as a protector of the dead in the Book of the Dead and in the great body of Egyptian myth.
   It seems fairly certain that, as with Isis, she was one of the mother goddesses of early pre-dynastic Egypt, and that their being linked together as members of the family group with Osiris, Set, and Horus came at a later date when, perhaps, their ranks and titles were those of the priestess queens of early Egypt. She was also known as Nebhet.

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